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2024 - Road Trip USA

2024 SPRING SHOW - Road Trip USA

This year's theme is inspired by a midwestern family summer past time. Road Trip! Throughout this show, the skaters will take us on a journey road tripping across the nation visiting different states, parks, and cities and while enjoying all the things a family road trip has to offer. We are excited to spend hours of fun in the car with you, please join us for 2024 Road Trip USA!

Show Dates & Times: ­ Saturday, May 4th at 1:00 & 6:30 PM
Dress Rehearsal: ­ Friday, May 3rd from 5:00-8:30 PM
Registration Deadline: ­ - CLOSED - 
Large Group Numbers:
  • Every skater is required to be in at least one Group Number. 
  • Skaters can be in multiple group numbers. (But can only be in one solo/feature.)
  • Seniors can choose be in a Freestyle Group Number, Extra Group(s) Number, and Senior Group Number or any combination of Group Numbers or they can choose to be  only in the Senior Group Number. 
  • All Large Group Number pricing is per skater and includes: costumes, coaching, and practice ice
  1. Learn to Skate Group Number: $125 - Skaters will be grouped with skaters of similar skill level. Practice may vary by level.
  2. Hockey Group Number: $125 - This number will be choreographed specifically to showcase hockey skating skills and power.
  3. Aspire Group Number: $150 - Skaters enrolled in the Aspire program will participate in a special group number together.
  4. Freestyle Group Number: $150 - Skaters will be grouped with skaters of similar skill level.
  5. Extra Group(s) Number: $50 - Skaters will be grouped with skaters with similar skills in an additional group number to their Freestyle, LTS, or Aspire group.
  6. Senior Group Number: $50 - Group number for 2024 graduating high school seniors only.
**EVERY Skater registering for a Specialty Number (Solo, Feature or Small Group) must also register for a Group Number. Group level assignments are listed above**
Choreography: All features, soloists and small groups (duets, trios and quartets)  will be expected to hire a coach for choreography and music editing.  On average, it should take no more than 60 minutes in total to choreograph a show program. Please contact your private lesson coach to work out arrangements for choreography.
Costumes: All show costumes must be approved by the show director.  Email pictures/designs for approval no later than March 15th to Riley. Click Here to Email Riley.
Solos & Features: SFFSC home club members are eligible to perform either a Feature (short solo that ties directly into a group number) or a Solo (longer solo that represents a specific city, state, or location)
  • Features = home club member that has passed the USFS Preliminary Free Skate test and/or ISI Freestyle 4.
  • Solo = home club member that has passed their ­Juvenile Free Skate test and/or ISI Freestyle 5 test.*
Solo Assignments: Any athlete performing as a feature or solo will be given a show assignment which will be determined by the show director. The music and cut will be provided to the head coach of each feature/soloist. No personal requests will be accepted.
Senior Solos: All 2024 graduating high school seniors will choose their own senior solo music. Music selections for seniors get priority over all show numbers and must be submitted by February 20th. Please email Riley Click Here to Email Riley for confirmation prior to cutting music or working on any choreography.
  • Small group (duet, trio or quartet): $50 per skater - each group member is required to register for number (costumes and coaching is not included, skaters are responsible for their own costumes and arranging with a private lesson coach for choreography) Limited to 12 groups.
  • Feature: $85 for home club members who have passed Preliminary Free Skate test and/or ISI Freestyle 4 (costume and coaching not included) Limited to 6 features.
  • Solo: $85 for home club members who have passed ­Juvenile Free Skate test and/or ISI Freestyle 5 test (costume and coaching not included). Limited to 7 solos.
  • Senior solo: $50 for 2024 High School Seniors Only (costume and coaching not included) Limited to 2 senior solos.
Questions: Please direct any questions to: