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1.  SFFSC Membership: In order to participate in any SFFSC sponsored activity during the 2020-2021 Season, which includes: Freestyle Ice, Classes, Competitions representing SFFSC, Shows (Christmas and/or Spring), exhibitions, or any other SFFSC sponsored events.

2.  USFS and/or ISI Membership: You must have an active membership(s) with either USFS, ISI or both memberships. The required insurance necessary for you to participate in SFFSC sponsored activities are included in both USFS and ISI memberships. You will also need these memberships for tests or competitions you may participate in throughout the season.

a.  USFS Membership: Registration is managed through SFFSC club account and is paid to SFFSC at the time of your SFFSC membership registration. Membership year is July 1 through June 31 of the following year.

b.  ISI Membership: Registration is the responsibility of the skater (skater’s family) through skater’s personal account and is paid directly to ISI at the time of registration. Membership year is Sept 1 through Aug 31 of the following year.

 Here are the links to the registrations forms: