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General inquiries can also be sent to  If you'd like to connect with a Board Member directly, please visit the "About SFFSC" tab and click on Board Members.


Looking for Public Skating?

For all public skating times, prices, and skate rental, visit

4300 N. Bobhalla Dr.
Sioux Falls, SD 57107

Thank you Sponsors

SFFSC Mission Statement

"To provide fun, affordable skating instruction for all ages of recreational and competitive skaters."

4300 N Bobhalla Drive, Sioux Falls, South Dakota 

Email:     Phone: 605-271-7539

Club Contact Info

General inquiries can also be sent to  If you'd like to connect with a Board Member directly, please visit the "About SFFSC" tab and click on Board Members.

SFFSC Membership Renewal Information

UPDATED MESSAGE - June 24, 2020
The following message was sent to all current members via SportsEngine. We want to be sure that all members receive all messages, so if you did not receive the following email, please email to be added to the mailing list.

Hello SFFSC families,

It’s time to get your memberships renewed for the 2020-2021 Season. We are so excited for the upcoming season and it will be here before we know it. The SFFSC coaching team has been working hard on plans for the upcoming season and are very excited and working on finalizing the details for some great programming to provide to our skaters this fall. In order to help with planning, we need you to get registered. We can’t wait for you to join us and we will be announcing details and what the season has to offer in the coming months.

To get things started here is what you will need. You will find the links to register below:

1.  SFFSC Membership: In order to participate in any SFFSC sponsored activity during the 2020-2021 Season, which includes: Freestyle Ice, Classes, Competitions representing SFFSC, Shows (Christmas and/or Spring), exhibitions, or any other SFFSC sponsored events.

2.  USFS and/or ISI Membership: You must have an active membership(s) with either USFS, ISI or both memberships. The required insurance necessary for you to participate in SFFSC sponsored activities are included in both USFS and ISI memberships. You will also need these memberships for tests or competitions you may participate in throughout the season.

a.  USFS Membership: Registration is managed through SFFSC club account and is paid to SFFSC at the time of your SFFSC membership registration. Membership year is July 1 through June 31 of the following year.

b.  ISI Membership: Registration is the responsibility of the skater (skater’s family) through skater’s personal account and is paid directly to ISI at the time of registration. Membership year is Sept 1 through Aug 31 of the following year.

 Here are the links to the registrations:

SFFSC & USFS Membership Registration

ISI Membership Registration 

If you haven’t noticed our website has a new, fresh look to it and we will continue to enhance it to take advantage of better ways to communicate with you, so please check it out: With this updated website we are in the process of setting up new and improved ways of communicating with you. During the set-up process you may see auto generated emails from SportsEngine. They do not require any action on your part, but just notify you when you are added to our master mailing list or any groups that you may be a part of.

Please watch your emails for updates and details to come. Please contact with any questions you may have. Can’t wait to see you at the rink!

Thank you,

SFFSC Board of Directors

Theater On Ice Opportunities being developed for 2020

UPDATED MESSAGE - July 2, 2020

If your skater enjoys performing at ice shows and being a part of a team, consider trying Theater On Ice! 

Theater On Ice combines skating, dance, and theater into one competitive sport designed to enhance skaters’ rhythm, presentation, and collaboration skills. This year we will have two different options starting in September for skaters wanting to be a part of Theater On Ice:

1. National Team

  • Compete in 4 competitions including 3 local and Nationals in Wichita, KS at the end of June.
  • One performance in both SFFSC ice shows.
  • Commit to one 2-hour practice per week for 10 months. 

2. Regional Team

  • Compete in 3 local competitions.
  • One performance in both SFFSC ice shows.
  • Commit to one 1-2-hour practice per week for 8 months. 

September will be an off-ice trial period provided at no cost. This allows skaters to try TOI, build friendships, and allow parents to ask any questions before committing to the payments and practice schedule. 

To help us refine our TOI curriculum and gage interest for the upcoming season, please complete the following survey with your skater. This survey is not an official commitment.

Keep an eye out for more details and information about Theater On Ice! We are excited for this wonderful opportunity and are so excited to share our love for Theater On Ice with you all!

If you are interested in Theater On Ice or have any further questions, please contact