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Dear SFFSC Families, 

It's almost that time of year again... the 2021 annual spring show is just right around the corner!  Over the years, participation has brought many figure skaters together of all ages, skating levels, and abilities.  This year's theme, "Skating Through Time" will undoubtedly be a crowd favorite and we hope it is one that will be forever remembered. 

Like many SFFSC events, we will be looking for volunteers to help assist in preparation for our shows.  Please consider volunteering and helping us do our best for our SFFSC members, as well as our Learn to Skate members.  

See you on the ice!

SFFSC Board of Directors 


Click here to visit the: Spring Show Store


This online “store” allows you to conveniently purchase many of the show necessities to ensure that your skater and family are ready for show day (May 8th) and are able to remember this production for years to come. 

In this store you can purchase show t-shirts with the names of the full cast on the back, show tickets (save money and skip the line by purchasing in advance), commemorative programs, gift bags for your skater, ice bubble messages, and VIP seating. Choose these items in a package or purchase them individually.  If you have any questions about the items available, please don’t hesitate to reach out to a show director, coach, or board member.  

The order deadline for the items in the store is Saturday, 4/17/21.


Please keep in mind that there will be the following additional items for sale on the day of the show:

Bake Sale Items:  Individually packaged baked goods, as well as other snacks and treats, will be available during each show.  

Raffle Tickets:  The raffle is always a highlight of the show for parents, audience members, and skaters alike.  We have a number of great baskets to raffle off this year. 

*If you wish to donate Bake Sale or Raffle items, please keep an eye out for details and a signup that will be sent via email in the coming weeks. 

Flowers:  A classic way to congratulate your skater on a job well done.  SFFSC will have a variety of flowers for sale on the day of the show.  


Important dates to remember: Communication has already been sent out regarding the details of these important dates to remember for this year's Spring Show. 

Parent Meeting: Attending one of the parent meetings is highly encouraged in order to learn more about show day, volunteering, donating, and asking any questions that you may have.  

  • Monday, March 8th: 6:00 PM
  • Saturday, March 13th: 10:00 AM

Picture Day: Times are TBD, please watch your email for details.   

  • Saturday, April 10th

Dress Rehearsal

  • Friday, May 7th: 5:00-8:30 PM

Show Date & Times

  • Saturday, May 8th: 1:00 PM and 6:30 PM

Click here to visit the: Spring Show Store


This year, all SFFSC home club members will have an opportunity to perform a solo feature provided they have passed the USFS Preliminary Free Skate test and/or ISI Freestyle 4 test.  However, only athletes who have passed their Pre­Juvenile Free Skate test and/or ISI Freestyle 5 test (or HIGHER) will be permitted to perform as an individual soloist.

*****Every skater registering as a soloist must also register for a group number.  Group level assignments are listed below.*****

Test Deadline: ­ February 15th

Solo Show Assignments: Any athlete performing as a feature or individual soloist will be given a show assignment which will be determined by the show director. No personal requests, please. The theme of your group will be chosen by the show director to follow the story of the show. Your group and private coach may choose the specific song for the group.   

Show Choreography: All features and soloists (duets/small groups included) will be expected to hire a coach for choreography and music editing.  On average, it should take no more than 60 minutes in total to choreograph a show program. Please contact your private lesson coach to work out arrangements for choreography. 

Costumes: All show costumes must be approved by the show director.  Email pictures/designs for approval no later than March 28th, to

Music: ­ To follow this year’s theme, the show director will assign a theme for music for each solo/group, each group/private coach can choose the specific song. Music selection is on a first come, first serve basis and must relate to the theme assigned by the show director.  All requests must be submitted by email through a coach/choreographer to Because there will be a limited amount of musical selections per theme, please consider having backup selections in the event a certain decade has already been fulfilled.

Music Selection Deadline: Monday, March 8th

Registration Deadline: ­ The registration due date is February 20th, but if you register by February 15th, you will receive a free show program which includes important information about the show as well as pictures of every solo/group number involved. 

Show Dates & Times: ­ Saturday, May 8th at 1:00 & 6:30 PM

Dress Rehearsal: ­ Friday, May 7th from 5:00-8:30 PM

****Graduating Seniors have first rights to music selections****


Group Numbers:

  • 1st Group Number: $135 (includes costumes and coaching)
  • 2nd+ Group Numbers: $65 (includes costumes and coaching)
  • Every skater is required to be in at least 1 group number.
  1. Freestyle Group
    1. Skaters will be grouped with skaters with similar skills.
  2. LTS
    1. Skaters will be grouped with skaters with similar skills.
    1. Skaters enrolled in the ASPIRE program can choose to participate in a special group number together.
  4. Opening Number Group
    1. Choreographed to set the theme for the show, open to all skaters.
  5. Parent/Skater Number
    1. Each skater and one of their parents will be grouped with other parents and skaters for a choreographed number.
  6. Senior Group
    1. This group is only for those seniors that are graduating.
  7. Hockey
    1. This number will be choreographed specifically to showcase hockey skating skills and power.

Specialty Numbers:

  1. Small group (duet or trio): $50 (costumes and coaching not included, skaters are responsible for their own costumes and arranging with a private lesson coach for choreography)
  2. Solo Feature: $75 for skaters who have passed Preliminary Free Skate test and/or ISI Freestyle 4 (costume and coaching not included).
  3. Solo: $75 for skaters who have passed Pre­Juvenile Free Skate test and/or ISI Freestyle 5 test (costume and coaching not included).
  4. Senior solo: $60 (costume and coaching not included)