message - Jan 2, 2021

Please see below an important announcement about our annual ISI Competition.
The coaches and the board of directors have together made the decision to postpone our annual ISI competition, typically held in March, until the fall of 2021. Our goal in hosting competitions is always to offer the best experience for our skaters, and we believe that moving our competition to the fall will allow us to host the best competition possible. This decision was made for several reasons:
  • In speaking with other clubs in our region that have planned competitions this year, many have experienced extremely low registrations. With Minnesota rinks shut down, many of the clubs we typically draw competitors from may be unlikely to sign up. Not only does this have the potential to affect revenue, it also means our skaters may not have enough competitors to make the competition a meaningful experience.
  • With uncertainty due to COVID, we may not have been able to offer the full competitive experience, including vendors, bake sales, locker room usage, etc.
  • Historically, SFFSC has hosted two competitions and a show all in a matter of 2-3 months. This is taxing both time-wise and financially on our families, skaters and volunteers. Spreading our events out throughout the year will hopefully create a better season for our skaters.
We understand how difficult this year of canceled and postponed events has been for our skaters. The coaches and board of directors are working on planning a special event for our skaters for the weekend of March 20-21, when our ISI competition was originally scheduled, that will give our skaters the opportunity to perform and have something to work towards. We will have more information in the near future.
Thank you for continuing to be a part of our skating family during this wild year!
In appreciation,
Sarah Hanson
Coach / President