Club Update and Meeting Information​​​​​​​

Message - Sept 8, 2020

SFFSC Members,

First and foremost, I want to start this email by thanking all the parents, volunteers and coaches who have stepped up over the past few months and worked to make this season a possibility. We owe a special thank you to all of you who chose to donate your registrations last spring when COVID-19 forced us to cancel most of our programming. These donations amounted to more than $6,500. Your generosity has made a huge impact on our club and, more importantly, our skaters. Thank you!

COVID-19 forced our 2019-2020 season to an unfortunate and abrupt end. With no revenue and our two major fundraisers (the competition and spring show) canceled, the board made the difficult, but financially necessary, decision to suspend all programming and expenses, including eliminating the Skating Director position. This was a purely business decision necessitated by unprecedented and uncontrollable circumstances.

We know that many of you have questions about how the club will operate this season in the absence of a full-time Skating Director. The coaching staff and Board of Directors have developed a structure in which operational duties have been divided into several part-time positions to be filled mostly by the coaches you know and trust. These positions include:

  • Program Coordinator: Serves as the link between SFFSC’s Learn to Skate program, Aspire, freestyle ice, advanced classes, Hockey Academy, Theater on Ice, test sessions, competitions, and camps and clinics.
  • Administrative Coordinator: Coordinates and serves as the main point of contact for registrations and memberships.
  • Learn to Skate Concierge: Provides oversight, supervision, customer service and parent education during Learn to Skate sessions.
  • Hockey Academy Coordinator: Coordinates and serves as the main point of contact for the Hockey Academy.
  • Holiday Show Coordinator
  • Spring Show Coordinator
  • ISI Competition Coordinator
  • USFS Competition Coordinator

Not only is this structure more cost efficient than hiring a full-time director, it also utilizes our existing staff’s skill set to the maximum benefits of our skaters.

We have also received many questions about what health and safety precautions SFFSC will put in place this year. Please see our attached Return to Rink Plan for more information.

Over the last four years, SFFSC’s expenses have exceeded revenues. For the 2020-2021 season, the Board of Directors has approved a very conservative, break-even budget. In order to ensure we do not lose money on programming this season, the board has also adopted a pricing model for freestyle ice that is designed to break even.

Our cost to rent ice is $182/hour. In addition to ice costs, we factor in a small 10% overhead charge to cover costs related to the above positions, accounting, insurance, etc. Anticipating a minimum of 10 skaters, that is how we arrived at the rate of $20/hour for freestyle ice.

Long-term, our vision and goal is to build a thriving Learn to Skate program that will build the pipeline of skaters and help sustain our club operations. To that end, we have engaged Coach Katelyn Conover to serve as the Director of Marketing & Corporate Communications. Katelyn, a marketing professional with several years of social media and marketing experience, will implement a targeted marketing plan for SFFSC focused on building brand awareness and attracting new skaters.

As part of our efforts to attract new skaters, we are hosting a Try Skating event on Saturday, September 12th from 1:00-2:00 PM. Please invite your friends, family and neighbors to join us for this completely free skating event!

Finally, we know that in order for SFFSC to end the year at a break-even, we need to strengthen our fundraising efforts, and we need you to help. SFFSC has received a generous offer of a $5,000 donation provided the club can raise $5,000 to match it. In total, we hope to raise $15,000 through fundraising and sponsorships this year.

We’re asking all of you to please consider joining our Fundraising Committee. Volunteers on the fundraising committee will play a critical role in our club this year by helping to plan and implement fundraising and sponsorship opportunities. If you are interested in joining, please email Carl Carlson at

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. We’ll have more important information at that time, as well as an opportunity for a Q&A session.


SFFSC Board of Directors