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Flyboy Donut Fundraiser
This year’s sale is easier than ever. Instead of selling donuts, this sale features coffee and gift cards that can be used anytime at any Flyboy location in Sioux Falls – no expiration date!

Plus, you can now make payments for gift cards and donuts to Sioux Falls Figure Skating Club via PayPal using the QR code or at 


  1. Fill out the top of the seller form with skater’s first and last name and list “Sioux Falls Figure Skating Club” under organization.
  2. Checks should be made payable to Sioux Falls Figure Skating Club. There will be a $50 fee for all returned checks. Payments can also be made via PayPal using the attached QR code or at
  3. Order forms are due no later than December 6th.
  4. Orders will be available two weeks after the fundraiser ends (December 20th). Families will be responsible for picking up their orders from the rink and distributing orders. It is highly recommended that you take a picture of your order form before turning it in to help remember who ordered what.
  5. The profit from your total sales will be applied to your $100 fundraising requirement.