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SFFSC Board Members

Executive Director

Tiffany Thornton

SFFSC Director

Phone: 605-799-6823

Executive Board

Pat Hoier

President | Safe Sports Representative

Jennifer Sigette

Vice President | Fund Raising Chair

Wendy Quam


Erin Steever

Treasurer | Finance Committee Chair

Board Members

Deb Melstad

Board Member | SCRIP Coordinator

Jim Naro

Board Member | Bylaws Committee Chair

Barb Ebeling

Board Member | Membership & Volunteer Chair

Jane Eilders

Board Member | USFSA Test Chair

Katie Jess

Board Member

Riley Klein

Board Liaison for Coaches

SFFSC Board Nomination and Bob Putnam Information

April 2, 2018
Sioux Falls Figure Skating Members,

It’s that time of year again for ballots and voting for the SFFSC board elections.  

This notice is the official call for nominations for the SFFSC Board, the elected leadership group of this volunteer-based organization.

If you are interested in a leadership position and have great ideas on how to enhance our wonderful club, please consider running for a position on the SFFSC Board. If you identify another parent/guardian or adult skater that you think would bring a lot to the table, please encourage that person to put their name into consideration.


  • Board members must be skaters 18 or older, or the parents/guardians of minor skaters, with an ISI membership, who identify SFFSC as their home club.

  • They must be, and must remain, in good standing with the Club, meaning the skaters enroll in at least one class per session, their skating fees are being paid in an appropriate manner, and their volunteer and fundraising commitments are being met.

  • Must become a member of USFSA and pay for a yearly membership


  • Board members serve two-year terms, meeting one evening per month, generally on the second Tuesday of each month and one general membership meeting, usually the spring banquet.

  • Attendance is expected at board meetings, 3 or more consecutive missed meeting in a 12 month period is deemed a resignation from board.  

  • Board members must be prepared to lead or be a member of a committee.

  • Expect 10-20 hours a month.

  • Board members must fulfill required volunteer hours.

Committed Board Members bring success to the SFFSC.

Nominations for Board membership will be accepted between now and Sunday, April 15, 2018. A form is available at (under the Registration tab, go to Printable Forms to find the SFFSC Board Member Nomination Form) There is also a form attached to this email.   Please return completed forms to Director Karen Thornbrugh or Club Secretary Karla Derynck.

If you have questions about the Board, please don’t hesitate to email Karla at or any current Board member.  They can be emailed through the website (under the Home tab, go to About SFFSC to Board Members).


April 2-15, 2018 nominations solicited.  April 16-29, 2018 review and approve nomination forms for consideration and create a ballot.  April 30-May 6, 2018 election held, ballot box available at rink for voting during certain times, watch for email with exact dates and times.  May 6, 2018 election closes after banquet.  May 7-13, 2018 at least 3 members of board confirm integrity of the ballots as needed and tally votes.  Results will be shared with nominees via phone or in person first.  May 14, 2018 results will be posted to SFFSC members through the website and an e-mail.

The SFFSC Board exists of a Director, President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, USFSA Test Chair, USFSA Membership Chair,  and 2 to 3 members at large.

Bob Putnam Award Nomination

It is also time to nominate people for the Bob Putnam Award.  Bob was a leader in the early years of our figure skating program.  We recognize and honor him by nominating someone in our club who exemplifies his leadership and passion for skating.  A form is available at (under the registration tab, go to Printable Forms to find the Bob Putnam Award Nomination Form)  There is also a form attached to this email.  Please note that current board members cannot be nominated.  Please return completed forms to the box at the white table.  This voting will end on April 29th so it can be presented at the banquet.

Thank you for considering running for a board position and/or nominating an appropriate recipient for the Bob Putnam Award.  Your participation strengthens our organization and helps us to grow.

Karla Derynck SFFSC Secretary